Coon Gitter DP Bait
Coon Gitter DP Bait

Coon Gitter DP Bait

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 This is the easiest and most effective Raccoon bait on the market !!! Guaranteed to catch those pesky raccoons. Work great in Dog proof traps just fill the bait up to the trigger and your set. Also works good in live traps and dirt hole sets.Great for trapping raccoons in areas with high risk of catching dogs.Time tested with great results you wont be disappointed. 

Some helpful tips 

  • Use approximately a tablespoon of bait in the trap. Sprinkle a few pellets on the ground at the base of the trap.
  • Make certain you set the trap in their travel lane or next to it, Location !!!!!!
  • Mice can beat the raccoon sometimes to the bait, a small paper cup, aluminum foil, a golf ball, or a piece of corn cob, all work by placing it on top of the trap. 

 We will ship within 24 hours of receiving the order.

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