Duckbill Earth Anchors with cable
Duckbill Earth Anchors with cable

Duckbill 68 Earth Anchors

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6 pack 30" long 1/8" cable [+$25.50]
Dozen 30" long 1/8" cable [+$48.50]
Dozen Duckbill 68 ends only [+$22.50]
Two Dozen Duckbill 68 ends only [+$35.00]
Duckbill 68 Driver 36" x 1/2" [+$22.00]
The Duckbill 68-DB1 Earth Anchors are excellent tools to use for securing your most valued outdoor items firmly to the ground. They can be used to secure your outdoor items that are likely to be blown away by the wind, stolen by thieves, or moved around without your consent. Anchor down items such as benches, barbecues, tents, trees, antennas, picnic tables, swing sets, garbage cans, bicycles, sheds, signs, and much more.

There is no need to dig holes or pour concrete when using Duckbill Earth Anchors, as they operate similar to a toggle bolt in the soil, firmly holding down an item to the ground. 

Easy to use: Use a hammer and the 68 Series Drive Steel Tool to drive the 68-DB1 Anchor into the ground. Remove the drive tool and pull up on the cable to set the toggle. The upward pulling will rotate the anchor into a locked position, where it will secure your items to the ground. The Drive Steel Tool is reusable.
  • Recommended Working Load in Most Soils: 1100 lbs.
  • Wire Rope Capacity: 1700 lbs.
  • Standard Installation Depth: 30"
  • 30" Cable Length
  • 1/8" Cable Diameter

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