Fur Handling Supplies
Fur Handling Supplies

Skinning Gloves & Apron

price $3.85 - $14.50
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Part Number:Skinning Gloves & Apron

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Heavy Duty Apron [+$14.50]
X Heavy Duty Beaver Apron Black [+$16.50]
Knit Wrist Gloves [+$3.85]
12" Gauntlet Gloves [+$2.99]
14" Gauntlet Gloves [+$3.85]
18" Gauntlet Gloves [+$4.99]
Heavy Duty Fur Shed Apron -  Keeps you cleaner while skinning and fleshing.
Vinyl  Gloves - Very help in keeping your hands clean in the fur shed.
Knit Wrist Gloves -  Waterproof gloves have a fabric liner and a good gripping surface.
Gauntlet Gloves- These  pvc Gloves have a fabric liner and good gripping surface

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