Trap Setters
Trap setters

Trap Setters

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Cold Creek Coil Spring Setter [+$9.90]
Cold Creek DP Setter [+$3.10]
Body Grip Safety Gripper [+$4.50]
Body Grip Setting Tool [+$11.50]
Bridger T3 DP Setter [+$2.99]
Body Grip Setting tool - 20" long Solid steel setter will set up to 330 body grip traps.
Body Grip Safety Gripper - Safely holds jaws to prevent trap misfires.
Cold Creek Coil Spring Setter - The Handles of these coil spring trap setters slip over the traps levers giving you extra leverage when setting strong spring traps. Designed to work with all sizes of coil spring traps up to #4's. Powder coated red so you can find them when you set them down.
Cold Creek DP Setter - Easily compress ZTrap, Duke DP, or Grizz style traps with this setter. Powder coated red makes it hard to lose.
Bridger T3 DP Setter - The Bridger T3 setter can be used on the Duke DP, Lil Grizz, Z - Trap and the Bridger T3

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