Z - Traps  Dog Proof coon Traps
Camo, Brown, White Z Traps

Z - Traps Dog Proof coon Traps

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Each Z Trap Brown [+$12.99]
6 Pack Z Trap Brown [+$73.00]
Dozen Z Trap Brown [+$139.50]
Each Z Trap White [+$12.99]
6 Pack Z Trap White [+$73.00]
Dozen Z Trap White [+$139.50]
Each Z Trap camo [+$14.00]
6 Pack Z Trap Camo [+$79.50]
Dozen Z Trap Camo [+$153.00]
DP Setter [+$3.10]
Z - Traps  Dog Proof coon Traps - That now feature the revolutionary two-way cross-fire trigger. The Z-traps are powder coated, ready to use on the line. Available in 3 colors.
Dog Proof Setter - These setters help to compress the springs on dog proof traps.Work on Ztraps, Duke DP, or grizz, style traps. 

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