Trap Dye, Wax & Dips

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1 lb. White Wax [+$3.50]
5 lb. White Trap Wax [+$16.25]
10 lbs. White wax [+$29.90]
1 lb Red Powder Logwood Trap Dye [+$3.90]
5 Bags Red Powder Logwood Trap Dye [+$19.25]
10 Bags Red Powder Logwood Trap Dye [+$35.00]
1 Bag Renno"s All Natural Trap Dye [+$4.50]
5 Bags Renno"s All Natural Trap Dye [+$21.50]
9 oz. Logwood Concentrate [+$8.50]
1 Quart Black Speed Dip [+$11.50]
1 Quart Brown Speed Dip [+$11.50]
White Trap Wax - Odorless and produces an excellent finish.

Red Powder Logwood Trap Dye - Turns traps black. Approximately 1 bag is needed for every 5 gallons of water Packaged in 1 lb bags.

Renno's All Natural Trap Dye - This dye is finely ground powder that comes in a heat sealed plastic bag containing approximately 20 oz. 1 Bag will treat approximately 25 to 30 #3 sized traps 40 to 50 #1 3/4 sized traps.

Logwood Concentrate - Mix one bottle of dye to 5 gallons water. Heat water to boil, then lower to simmering point.

Speed Dip Trap Dye - Speed Dip is mixed with gasoline or lantern fuel to produce a lasting, protective coating on traps. 

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